4 replies on “Golden Gardens Park”

  1. We aren’t worried about the amount of sun in Seattle, we know how pasty white you are. It’s that you don’t go outside, and posting a stock image doesn’t prove anything. How do we know thats Seattle.

    1. You can tell it’s not a stock photo because of the poor stitching job my smartphone did for the panorama shot. Also, that is my bike on the left. You need to understand that some of us are pasty white regardless of how much sun we get. It’s not my fault. I blame genetics.

  2. JERE! I’m just teasing, all I’m saying is that your white and we all love and miss you, and it’s ok to blame your genetics, I don’t think any of you can tan at all. The forecast looks partly sunny for when we are there, but it will probably change by then.

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